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Alfredo wine class

This exclusive experience takes you on a journey to discover the secrets of the wonderful world of wine: together with Alfredo you can customize this class by selecting a minimum of 5 wines for either a vertical tasting, in which wine from the same Winery but of different vintages are compared, or for a tasting that takes a deeper look at the wines of the most renowned wineries of one single territory, be it Italian or International.

During this experience you can enjoy the skills and competence of our oenologist and expert winemaker Dr. Alfredo Tocchini who will accompany you, in Italian or English, on a journey to discover the characteristics of the geographical area, the soil and the climate linked to the wines selected for tasting. You will deepen your knowledge of winemaking procedures and styles of the most renowned wineries and learn tasting techniques to identify and appreciate each nuance of the wine and learn which food compliments and enhances every nuance.


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