Welcome in Tuscany

Diacceroni Experiences

Your relationship with our traditions

Over more than 30 years we are concerned with hospitality and we offer our guests a warm welcome: we would like to tell the story about our land and our roots, we would like to entertain and excite you in the beautiful setting of the Volterra hills.

Experience our traditions through the authentic experiences we offer you, experiences that have been passed on from generation to generation.

The experience here is real, an inseparable relatioship with our land and our large family.

Tuscan Cooking Courses

Be surprised by the skill of our chefs who will share their secrets with you to understand the recipes of Tuscan cuisine with products from our farm.

Test yourself in our kitchens and don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to cook fresh pasta, lasagna, Tuscan soup, pizza and meat sauce.

Horse riding

Explore the wonders of our land on horseback by choosing from the numerous excursions, with itineraries among nature and landscapes that can only be offered in the authentic heart of Tuscany.

As a beginner, enjoy an experience in our arena that is lit up at night, through private lessons from the most experienced instructors.

Truffle hunting

Enjoy fresh nature while strolling through the lush Tuscan woods: our expert truffle hunter, together with one of man’s best friends, the expertly trained dog, will be ready to guide you to discover the secrets of the refined world of truffles.

Wine tasting

Immersed in the vibrant heart of Tuscany, discover the secrets of wine and its culture.

A journey for all of your senses, the extraordinary experience of taste and flavor await you in the picturesque atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside.

Olive oil tasting

Participate in a special experience in the heart of the Tuscan hills and find out how our organic extra virgin olive oil is born.

Immersed in the magical atmosphere that surrounds our olive grove, you can collect the olives by hand with our family and immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of pressing them in the small mill on our farm.

The secrets of honey

Let the magical world of bees conquer your curiosity and highlight our traditions: sweet discoveries await you when you experience the secrets of our honey.

Between the hills of Lajatico and Volterra, our hives rest on certified organic fields where bees, flying over our land’s flowers, give us our organic honey.

Activities for children

The little ones will be able to experience contact with nature and appreciate its magnificent gifts in the herbal laboratory: a unique sensory experience that accompanies them from harvesting plants in our garden to the creation of fragrant aromatic oils.

Creative cuisine for young chefs will be a pleasant discovery for children.

Bicycle Excursions

Breathe in the sparkling energy of Tuscany and explore the beauties of our territory through our guided bike tours.

Or rent your e-bike and enjoy the wonderful views that make Tuscany a place of simple and incredible charm.

Outdoor activities

Walk in nature freely with our maps, and let the song of the birds and the fresh caress of the wind accompany you to discover a magical place where you can breathe the authentic scent of Tuscany.

If you want to discover the secrets of our territory, choose the company of our environmental guide.

Fiat 500 Cabrio Rent

Discover the amazing beauty of Tuscany on board of the new Fiat 500 Convertible.

Lower the top and feel the fresh breeze through your hair, enjoying the breathtaking view and the magical sunsets. During your trip you will also discover the secrets of the Tuscan enogastronomic.

Scooter 125 cc Rent

Admire the beauty of our country as the protagonist and discover the most authentic Tuscany on board of an exceptional travel companion.

With your Scooter 125 you will enjoy an exciting experience, at which the trip itself is also a discovery.

Golf in Tuscany

Tuscany has always been a beloved region for golfadmirers: the mild and temperate climate allows you to practice this sport with precision almost all year round.

Boat excursions

boat excursion is a beautiful and unforgettable experience, discovering the sea, the sky and nature.